What is Business Connections?

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‘What is Business Connections of Eden Prairie?’

Business Connections of Eden Prairie (BCEP) is a well-established independent business networking group that meets weekly over lunch. Our mission is to build each other’s businesses by providing the opportunity to give and receive introductions to prospective clients. BCEP provides just the right amount of structure while promoting a friendly atmosphere where members get to know one another and help each other succeed.

‘Who is Business Connections of Eden Prairie?’

BCEP is first and foremost its members. Our elected officers organize and focus the group for success. These officers include the following people:

Dick Ward

President, Member Since 2014

Deb Werdin

Vice President, Member Since 2003

Coldwell Banker/Burnet is a leading residential realtor.  Deb specializes in working with buyers and sellers in the southwest metro.

Gary Walch

Secretary, Member Since 1993

Glen Schwartz

Treasurer, Member Since 2003

Glenn J. Schwartz has been a practicing attorney for more than 30 years. He has maintained a private Civil Practice in Minnesota and Ohio focusing on the following areas of practice:

1) Business planning and Business organizations

2) Estate planning including Wills and Trusts,

3) Probate

4) Real Estate including Leases, Acquisition and Title issues

5) Construction law

6) Civil litigation and Mediation

7) Creditor work outs and Bankruptcy

Glenn Schwartz re-located to Minnesota from Ohio in 2003. He graduated from Miami University (Ohio) and cum laude from the Ohio State University College of Law. He has been the managing Partner of several law firms and he has been an Instructor of Real Estate Law at Youngstown State University.

Kevin Caulfield

Sergeant at Arms, Member Since 2003

Dan Smith

Social Events, Member Since 1993

Dan Bauer

Referral Manager, Member Since 2003